Kaleidoscopic Asteroids

A 2D Asteroids Clone


Key Details

Made using C++ and a library created by the lecturer to utilise OpenGL.

1st year University Assignment - Graded as a 1st.

Required working with a non-standard library to create a game, using the documentation provided.

Uses vectors, matrix manipulation and re-sizeable arrays(std::vector) to create a game without any sprites.

It also required writing collision detection maths in the code, to be used with the game.

Required to use Git to make regular commits with decent comments throughout the assignment.

Source code on GitHub


This was my first Computer Graphics for Games assignment at Bournemouth University. Our lecturer [who used to work in the games industry] gave us some C++ libraries that he had created, which contained an openGL wrapper and a maths library. These were made to work with openGL and he then told us to do one of five options with it. I chose to make a clone of asteroids. This assignment was mainly intended to introduce using maths only to create the game and to get us used to having to work with an in house library, with such difficulties as only being able to use the documentation to aid us. As such this game has been created with things such as Vectors, matrix manipulations [such as rotate, scale, transform] and re-sizeable arrays (std::vectors). We had to git commit regularly for this assignment with useful comments for the commits. We also had the option of using some 3D maths, which I did, in the form of a spinning torus in the background. This assignment was a graded a 1st.

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