Bygone Brewery

A 2D SDL Game



Key Details

Made using C++ and SDL.

Made as part of a game jam in a team of 3 people.

Achieved 3rd place in the jam.

Single player and Multiplayer.

Works with both keyboard and Xbox controller input.

I worked on the programming for the items and the interactions between the items and the stations.

I also created the art assets and the design of the game.


This game was the result of a 48 hour game jam. I worked in a team of three people, all of whom were programmers. As such I ended up doing the Art and the design of the game along side programming the game. The primary part of the code that I was programming for was the items and the interaction between the player and the items. The theme for the game jam was beer and as such our team decided to make a game about making it. We based the game on overcooked and decided to give the ingredients a little bit more of an unusual choice. For example one of the preparation stations is a forge for use with things such as gold bars. The reason that we chose the unusual ingredients was basically we came up with the idea of putting a cat in a blender and it sort of spiralled away from there.

Other Team Members

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