Caseus Tower

A 2D Android Phone Game / SDL PC Game


Key Details

Made using C++ and a library created by the lecturer to utilise the Android NDK. I have also ported the code to PC using SDL.

2nd year University Assignment - Graded as a 1st.

Due to the way that I wrote the code for the assignment I was able to directly port the code over to SDL without any real issues.

Uses Object Orientated Principles such as inheritance, composition and encapsulation.

Source code on GitHub [SDL Version]

Online version of the documentation [SDL Version]


This was my first Mobile Games Programming assignment at Bournemouth University. For this assignment we were told to create an Android phone game. Our lecturer gave us some C++ libraries that he had created, which contained an Android NDK wrapper and a maths library. These were made to allow us to work with C++ for Android, however, due to some initial problems with the library, only 5 people managed to complete the assignment. The way that I managed to do it was by wrapping up all of the aspects of the library. That allowed me to avoid the problems. It was because of this that I was able to port the code over to a SDL project. I chose to make a clone of Doodle Jump that required touch input instead of tilting the phone to move the player. For the SDL port I have added audio to the game. This was not in the Android version as the library our lecturer gave us did not include the ability to use sound and I did not have the time to work out how to implement OpenSL ES. This assignment was a graded a 1st.

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