Codebreaker Chaos

A Java based word puzzle Android game

Codebreaker Chaos

Codebreaker Chaos

Key Details

Made using Java for Android.

Sixth Form Computing coursework - Graded as a C

Randomly generates a phrase using a set of potential words.

Saves and Loads scores from a file.

Source code on GitHub


This is a Java based Android game that I created for my Sixth Form Computing Coursework and was graded as an C. That was my first attempt at an Android App and I learned Java and Android as I was making it (at the same time as with my EPQ). The aim of this app is a simple codebreaker game where you are given a code, each symbol of which represents a letter. You are given a the letters contained in the phrase and your score is based on the amount of time it takes you. There are 3 difficulty settings, that set the number of words generated. The phrase is generated from a list of words that fit together, however there is not really a complicated method to the generation of the phrase. It just uses a random number and picks from the list.

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