Geothermal Rig



Key Details

Made using the Unreal Development Kit.

In-game mechanisms, such as trap doors, made using Kismet.

In-game camera motion, to create the video fly-through, made using Kismet.

1st year University Assignment - Graded as a 2:1.

Designed for multi-player FPS death-matches.


This is a map that I created using the Unreal Development Kit. I had never used UDK before as this was for my first Games Techniques university assignment. I themed this level on a future where we have run out of oil and have discovered a way to use lava as fuel. As a consequence, all of the world powers are fighting over control of the few active volcanoes, such as the one with this rig on. I tried to make the map in the style of a Quake game, but only using the assets that were provided with the UDK. However, I mainly focused on making the game fun, or at least what I enjoy in this kind of map. As such there are lots of closed off spaces with portals that go between them, so you had no idea what was on the other side. This was shown with the marking of this assignment, where my lecturer explained how it could be improved, and also commented on the fact that it was fun to explore. This assignment was graded a 2:1.

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