Global Mobile

A 2D Multiplayer Game



Key Details

Made using C++ and SDL.

Made as part of a game jam in a team of 3 people.

Achieved 1st place in the jam.

Can have up to 32 players with a smart phone, tablet or browser.

Uses a server for the multiplayer.

I worked on the programming for the colour match mini-game.

I also created the art assets of the game.


This game was the result of a 48 hour game jam. It came in first place, getting voted the best game by the other teams. I worked in a team of three people, all of whom were programmers. As such I ended up doing the Art and the design along side the programming. We were given the theme of global for this game jam and we ended up making a game that consisted of three basic mini-games that could be played using a smart phone, tablet or browser with up to 32 other players via the internet. The primary part of the code that I was programming for was the colour match game. I also created all of the art assets. In fact I actually overheated the Android tablet that I was using to draw them!

Other Team Members

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