Houdini City Generator

A Houdini City Generator Digital Asset


Key Details

Made using Houdini.

A digital asset for Houdini for city generation.

Contains both default primitive buildings and the ability to load in custom geometry.

Master's Degree University Assignment - Graded as a Merit.

Contains multiple parameters to affect the city generation.

Click here to download the digital asset


This is a City Generation Digital Asset that I created using Houdini. This was the first time I had used Houdini and was it created for the Computer Generated Imagery Tools unit on my Master’s course. For this assignment I had to create a Geometry Level Houdini Digital Asset that can quickly configure a City. It had to contain five base Primitive Geometry models of buildings and arrange, scatter and distribute this Primitive Geometry across a terrain grid in accordance with a series of predefined parameters. It also had to have the ability to trade out the Primitive Geometry with higher-level geometry. This assignment was graded as a Merit.

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