Level H Engine

A component based C++ Game Engine

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Key Details

Made using C++ and OpenGL with SDL.

Built for two Final year University Assignments.

Both Assignments were graded as a 1st.

In-built features include Heightmap generation, 3D, 2D, Flocking AI, Basic physics and a Component System

2D implementation is designed to work like SDL where screen position is automatically converted to OpenGL coordinates.

Source code on GitHub: Assignment 1

Source code on GitHub: Assignment 2

Online version of the documentation: Assignment 1

Online version of the documentation: Assignment 2


This was built over two university assignments for Games Engine Programming in level H. For the first assignment we had to build a basic 3D engine that could display multiple 3D objects using correct component based objects, control the movement of objects using mouse and keyboard input and basic sphere-sphere, box-box and box-sphere collision. For the second assignment we were told to implement any additional features to the engine and build games to demonstrate the features and functions of the engine. The features that I decided to add was 2D, Flocking AI and heightmap generation. I also spent the assignment improving on all of the old features of my engine, such as how the 3D is rendered with OpenGL. Both of the assignments were graded as a first.

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