Maya Impossible Staircase

An Animation of a Ball Bouncing Around an Impossible Staircase


Key Details

Made using Maya and Renderman.

Uses manually keyed animation.

Utilises Python scripts to cut windows into the tower and modify the cubes on the walkways.

Master's Degree University Assignment - Graded as a Distinction.

My first time creating an Animation in Maya.


This is an animation that I created using Maya. This was created for the Computer Generated Imagery Tools unit on my Master’s course. This was my first ever time creating an animation in Maya. As part of this assignment I had to create an animation of a bouncing ball interacting with a model of an impossible staircase. It had to include a hand animated sequence showing a bouncing ball interacting with the staircase rendered from a locked off Camera view. It also had to include one or more components which are generated using Python. As part of the brief they were looking for realism regarding movement, so as such I decided to add flippers and blockers to make it seems possible for the ball to move around the staircase. I also added gears that move in time with the flippers and blockers. This assignment was graded as a Distinction.

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