Maya 3D tradeshow stand model

A Commercial Business Environment assignment


Key Details

Made using Maya.

Part of a 2nd year University Assignment - Whole Assignment Graded as a 2:1.

Created as part of a Commercial Business Environment assignment to plan and design a tradeshow stand for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2. This was the 3D model created to show what the stand would look like.


This is a model of a tradeshow stand for my 2nd year CBE assignment 1. This assignment required us to work in a group of five people and we were given roles based on a belbin test that we had to do. I was given the role as project manager and as such had to organise the group and make sure that everyone did the work that they were required to do. I ended up creating the 3D model as none of our group was particularly good at modelling and I had finished my work earlier than expected, so I volunteered to make it, as I had the time to do it. This whole assignment was graded a 2:1.

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