Maya 3D train model

A 1st year modelling assignment


Key Details

1st year University Assignment - Graded as a 2:2.

Set up a lighting system in order to render the model.

Set up a turntable animation in order to create the rendered video.

Created three versions of the model: a high polygon model, a low polygon version one to be able to be used for games and a coloured version of the low polygon model.

Used materials to create the coloured version of the low polygon model.


This is a model of a train that I created in Maya. I had never used Maya before as this was for my first modelling university assignment. There are three versions of the train model here; High Polygon, Low Polygon and Low Polygon with colour. The reason that there are three versions of the model, was to be able to make a 3D model specifically for a game. This would have been done by taking the high detailed model and baking it on to the low detail using UV mapping. Whilst I was able to create a UV map, I was unable to bake it on to the low polygon model. As such I decided to just colour the low polygon model using the materials tool, so that I could at least gain some marks for doing this. This assignment was graded a 2:2.

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