Ogre3D Assignment

An Ogre3D C++ Project


Key Details

Made using C++ and the Ogre3D graphics engine.

2nd year University Assignment - Graded as a 1st.

Uses a basic framework made by my lecturer that sets up an empty Ogre3D project.

Uses projectile motion for the turret projectiles.

Source code on GitHub

Online version of the documentation


My first object orientated techniques assignment. It is written in C++ and uses the Ogre3D Graphics Engine. This required me to create a basic 3D helicopter game using the OGRE framework provided by my lecturer. We were given lab session tasks to show us how to work with the framework and then told to use this to finish the assignment. This was my first programming project which uses a 3D environment. As part of this assignment I was required to implement animation for the helicopter in the form of the rotors rotations. I also had to implement projectile motion using SUVAT equations. The project makes use of the Ogre3D scene manager and as such uses both local and world-space positions. This assignment was a graded a 1st.

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