Skydiving Sam

A 3D OpenGL and SDL Game



Key Details

Made using C++ and OpenGL with SDL.

2nd year University Assignment - Graded as a 1st.

3D Game and my first attempt at writing OpenGL.

Uses a obj files for the models and UV texturing.

Contains a particle effect system.

Source code on GitHub

Online version of the documentation


The second assignment for Programming for Graphics in Games in level I. Created using SDL and OpenGL. For this assignment we were told to create a 3D game using OpenGL and SDL that must have at least a non-player controlled object, a 3D object and a on-screen display of some kind. This assignment is my first attempt at writing OpenGL and I used SDL, GLEW and GLM when creating the game. I built a system that loaded in obj files for the models and loaded in the shaders from text files. This game includes UV texturing for the models and uses a 2D UI system that I built for the UI. The assignment has particle effects and states for the different parts of the game and has collision detection with the rings. The game has music and sound effects using SDL_mixer. The texture images are loaded in using SDL_image and the text is using SDL_ttf. This assignment was a graded a 1st.

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