Sky Zone Omega Remake

A PC Side scrolling shoot'em up



Key Details

Made using C++ and SDL.

Recreation of my Sixth Form Extended Project for PC.

Uses object orientation, particle effects, a spawn manager, an entity manager and collision manager.

Saves and Loads scores from a text file.

Source code on GitHub

Online version of the documentation


This was originally a Java based Android game that I created for my Sixth Form Extended Project and was graded as an A. That was my first attempt at a graphical game and I learnt Java and Android as I was making it. As such the code for my original game is awful and by the time I had finished it I had learnt enough to know how bad it was.

I decided that I would recreate the game in C++ using SDL for the PC using the knowledge that I have now. I recreated all of the original gameplay aspects and made it so that the game should be able to be scaled with the screen. The screen size needs to be change in the code to test this, however the release build should be set to full-screen. I made an entity and collision manager to help organise the gameplay and also create a spawn manager that contains a basic spawning algorithm that takes randomly spawns the enemies every spawn wave. The entities should never be spawned on top of each other and only needs to generate the random position for the spawn once, instead of just repeatedly generating a number and checking if it is not intersecting another. I added in a load of extra power ups that I had planned of putting in the original game but never managed to. These include a fire power up for the arrow, a shield, a power up that kills all enemies and time slow power up. The time slow power effect utilises a float pointer that all entities have a reference too, allowing there speeds to be altered all at once. I added all of the previous sound effects along with new sound effects for the new items and added background music. I also recreated all of the sprites.

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